Best Bagel and Coffee – Midtown West, New York

Bagel and Coffee is like living the New York dream…

Since arriving in New York all I wanted do was to sink my teeth into the best bagel. What better a place to go to than the self acclaimed Best Bagel and Coffee on 225 W, 35th street New York. This bagel shop is walking distance to the Empire State building, perfect spot for tourists like us to get a quick bite before the setting off on our sight seeing journey.

Usually I am highly suspicious of places that proclaim themselves as the best, but this bagel shop in my opinion can continue to call itself the ‘BEST’. 

We arrived at the Best Bagel and Coffee shop on a Monday afternoon and the place was packed with people from all walks of life. Tourists, office goers, mums with kids and the likes. Any place that can be packed in the middle of the afternoon on a work day is definitely doing something right. For the whole time we were there the crowd grew from strength to strength which is another sign of good food!

Assortment of Bagels to choose from
Assortment of Bagels to choose from


Finally it was our turn to order, with all the available choice I was just so confused. As always my eyes were bigger than my stomach but thankfully my brain took over, preventing me from ordering everything. 

There is an assortment of bagels and spreads to choose from. The lox (brined salmon) and cream cheese with chives bagel is a classic combination. However my husband and I were in no mood of fish! 

I ordered the everything bagel which is a bagel baked with sesame seeds, garlic and herbs. The filling was a classic cream cheese filling and to make it slightly healthy I asked for some fresh lettuce too. My husband ordered the breakfast bagel, a plain sesame seed bagel with creamy scrambled eggs and lots of bacon as fillings. Watching him eat that, felt like I was watching the man vs food tv show.

Everything Bagel crusted with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic and herbs
Everything Bagel crusted with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic and herbs
Breakfast bagel with eggs and bacon
Breakfast bagel with eggs and bacon
Everything Bagel with cream cheese and lettuce

Neither of us had any coffee, but if the bagels were anything to go by the coffee should be pretty good too. After our bagel craving was successfully satisfied we were off to see the beautiful views of New York city from the Empire State Building.

LSD recommends Best Bagel and Coffee if you are in New York or plan on visiting. 

Street view of the Empire State Building
Street view of the Empire State Building
Overall rating – 8/10
Price – $

Jack’s Wife Freda – Soho, New York

You can feel the magic in the air…


Growing up I always heard people compare Bombay to New York. Then I didn’t know what they were talking about, but today I do. New York like Bombay is the city that never sleeps. Believe me it’s past 1:00 am here and we have just returned from Times Square, where I managed to score some great bargains alongside thousands of other people  at the H&M store

Shopping, busy streets and bright lights all at 1:00 am best describes this city’s 24/7 vibe, but there’s more to New York. This morning we jumped on the subway, trust me the best way of knowing any city is by travelling around like the locals do. We travelled from Wall Street to Spring Street and found ourselves in Soho, a recently renowned neighbourhood known for its eclectic vibe.

The Brunch/Lunch menu at Jack’s wife Freda

As always for me it was about food!  I had been looking at a few different cafes online and one that caught my eye was – Jack’s wife Freda!  The cafe was packed with people waiting outside and soaking up some winter sunshine. When people are willing to wait for an hour in a place like New York where cafes are in abundance, that says a lot about the food and popularity of this place.

English Breakfast Tea

I ordered a cup of English breakfast tea to start with and it was a perfect companion for the cold sunny morning in New York. The food menu is not elaborate but the comprehensive selection of recipes caters for all palettes. 

Poached eggs with halloumi and roasted tomatoes
Green Shashouka Eggs with Challah Bread

My husband ordered poached eggs with halloumi and roasted tomatoes, topped with a delicious parsley pesto. The eggs were poached to perfection, it was like a little burst of sunshine. The salty halloumi, the sweet roasted tomatoes and the delicately flavoured parsley pesto created a delicious flavour medley.

I ordered Green Shashouka eggs with chargrilled bread. Shashouka is said to have its origins in Tunisia and it is basically the same recipe as LSD’s Baked Eggs.  The  Green Shashouka had beautiful flavours  of coriander and lemon, this is definitely a recipe I will try and replicate for you all.

Pimms Lemonade with Mint and Cucumber

To finish we ordered a glass of Pimms Lemonade, which was just a delicious palette cleanser and so refreshing! All in all Jack’s wife Freda was a great experience – great food, good service and reasonable prices. LSD definitely recommends this to all our New York readers and others those who plan on visiting this magical city.

With love from The Big Apple
Overall rating – 9/10

Price – $$