So I hear you are looking for some LSD….Ha ha! Gotcha.

I am a big fan of good food and good humour, hence the play on words.

A woman with big dreams, bigger ambitions and the biggest appetite. I am a human resources professional by day and an aspiring culinary wiz by night. Happily married, Mum to a gorgeous fur baby Viktor and a lover of all things bright and yellow.

The four pillars of my life are my family, friends, food and more food. I love to cook and experiment with a whole range of spices and herbs. I predominantly cook vegetarian food but have recently started cooking poultry and seafood. After all variety is the spice of life.

Some of my top favourite cuisines are Indian, Italian, Middle Eastern and Asian. Over the next few posts I will be introducing you to cuisines, flavours, aromas that all make up the food I love. Following on from there we will dive into various experimental recipes that I create for my family, friends and fur baby. Then all my kitchen secrets and treasures will become yours.

I can promise that you will get lot more than just healthy, creative and lip smacking delicious recipes from this blog. It might just become your gospel for the good life.

I am very excited about this journey you and I are about to embark on and all I can say is fasten your seatbelts because LSD is here to get you high…