Proof Pizzeria – Melbourne

The proof is in the pizza…

My family and I are avid foodies, we will travel miles to eat something our minds and bellies crave. We found out that new pizzeria had just opened in Melbourne with an imported wood fire pizza oven straight from Napoli. We knew we had to be there and give it a go.

Proof pizzeria in Heidelberg is a funky little joint with the glitz of Melbourne and flavours of Napoli. The menu is quite comprehensive but offers a real taste of Italy. Everything from the pizza sauce to the mozarella and the gnnochi are made in house.

Napoli style woodfired pizza oven 

To start we ordered a platter of dips and a serve of the home made gnnochi. After all who can resist homemade gnnochi.

The dips platter came with a roast pumpkin and toasted almonds dip and a ricotta, honey and toasted  walnuts dip. Served with a side of delicious smokey woodfired bread, the flavour of the dips and bread together was finger licking good. My personal favourite was the ricotta honey dip.

The homemade gnnochi I am told is a family recipe and boy oh boy it was just so delicious. Feather light and flavour packed this gnnochi is highly recommended.

Homemade Gnnochi and Dips platter with woodfired bread

After two very promising entrees I couldn’t wait to see what the mains had in store for us. We ordered a pizza each and devoured it without saying a word to each other. Now if that isn’t a sign of delicious food, don’t know what is.

We ordered a Paco’s pizza, Shrooms and Regina margarita. The homemade mozarella on these pizzas was the bomb, so creamy, stringy and delicious. The crust was the right balance of crispy and soft but not soggy at all. This is key to  good pizza crust.

Paco’s Pizza: San Marzano tomatoes, homemade mozarella, proscuitto di parma, pecorino and basil

Shrooms: Mushroom spread, mushrooms, homemade mozarella, truffle oil, thyme and basil    

Regina Margarita: San marzano tomatoes, homemade mozarella, cherry tomatoes, pecorino and basil  

This rather indulgent meal was finished with a delicious lemon sorbet and an expresso. After all when at an Italian restaurant, do as the Italians do.

Lemon Sorbet with Italian Expresso

So the next time you are looking for a casual but fun and delicious dining experience  be sure to check out Proof pizzeria. The food is great, the service is quick and friendly, the prices are very reasonable and the ambience is ideal for a lazy week night or pre party weekend dinner. Now if all these reasons aren’t reason enough, then just go in to get sweeped by Francesco the pizza man’s charm.


Overall rating: 8/10

Price: $$

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