Potato and Green Bean Curry

Nothing comforts like a curry…

Its usually not manic Mondays for me, but terrible Tuesdays. The exhaustion of the work week starts creeping up and my brain struggles to come up with any innovative, fancy meal ideas for dinner. All I want to do is get home, play with Viktor, spend time with my husband, talk about my day, indulge in a glass of wine. Then reality strikes you get home and pat comes the question –  What’s for dinner honey?

Lucky for me I like cooking, but I will be honest with you some weeknights it is a struggle to get in the kitchen and create culinary delights. On such days, I miss my mother so much. When I lived at home in India, I never had to think twice or ask ” What’s for dinner?”. Maa always knows how to make me, my tastebuds and my belly very happy.  Therefore on days like these I revert to my inner child looking for some inspiration and pat comes the reply – CURRY!!!

A good curry is like a warm embrace, full of love! So if you are lacking inspiration and motivation and feel like a warm embrace try this quick Potato and Green Beans curry.

This curry uses the North Indian red curry paste. Find the recipe here. Once you have made the red curry paste, don’t worry about blending it. This curry is best served in a rustic style.


The mystery ingredient of this curry is, kaffir lime leaves. The aromas, the flavours and the taste is just sensational. In addition to the ingredients for the red curry paste, you will need the following:

Ingredients: 5     Cooking time: 30 minutes
Serves: 4
  • Five to Six baby potatoes (or you can use two to three normal potatoes)
  • 300 grams of green beans
  • Two large kaffir lime leaves
  • One tablespoon of smashed ginger
  • Salt to taste
Cut the baby potatoes in quarters and cut both the ends of the green beans, keeping the stem relatively long. Once you have made your red curry paste (recipe here). Add the potatoes, two kaffir lime leaves, one tablespoon of smashed ginger and about 2.5 cups of water. If you are using a pressure cooker, cover the lid and allow upto two whistles. For my other friends, just cover your saucepan with a lid and let the potatoes cook.

By now you should be smelling the delicious aromas of the kaffir lime leaves, once the potatoes are cooked add salt to taste and give the curry a good stir.

Now add the green beans and let the curry bubble away for another five minutes. Remember you don’t want to butcher the beautiful green beans by overcooking them, they should be crunchy.

You curry is ready!!! Serve on a bed of steamed rice with a side of plain yogurt and pickle.I hope you and your family enjoys the warm embrace of this delicious curry. I am off to call Maa to tell her just how amazing this dish is and that she should try it!

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